As a professor, I have spent quite some time thinking about why some students do well, and others do not. Below are links to the short ebooks I have written on the subject. Each of them are under 50 pages, so they are short, totally worth your time, and free.

Having Trouble with Your Classes?

I wrote this book because I feel that a majority of failing grades on the undergraduate level are preventable. Since I started teaching in 2005, I have noticed something curious and troubling about my students. Students that do well in class (or even do okay in class) do so in a great number of ways. However, most students who fail classes do so almost as if they were following a method of intentional failure. Obviously, no one is trying to fail, but many students simply do not realize that certain behaviors will directly lead to failing a class, or even failing out of college all together.
I chose to write this book in a sarcastic way not to be mean, but because to write it in any other way would be either depressing or come off as nagging. Obviously, many students who fail simply do not care about academics or have serious problems outside of school. However, I firmly believe that with a little knowledge, many of those failing students could change their ways.

To download "Failing College in Five Easy Steps" click here

Having Trouble with Online Classes?

So, you’re taking an online class. Think it’s gonna be easy? Think it’s gonna be hard? Don’t know what to think? This book is for you. I am a college professor who has taught both in person and online. I understand both worlds. I understand that you might not understand the difference between online classes and in-person classes. In writing this book, it has been my goal to break down what you can expect in an online class and what your professor will expect from you. If you understand what you are actually doing, it will make all of our lives easier!
By knowing exactly what you are getting yourself into, you will be able to figure out exactly how screwed you really are!

To download "Advice from a Professor: Tips for Success in Online Classes" click here